Let’s have a international party!

Spring funfair of the historical Marksman Club St. Blasius Gillrath, 20. – 22. June 2015


Come and enjoy the great party in Gillrath. Don’t miss to see the traditional Club and the local community life in our village. Use your chance to feel at home, even when abroad.


The St. Blasius historical Marksman Club invites you to the traditional spring funfair in Gillrath.


The fair is intended to be an international Party where all nationalities and all community members are invited. If you want to support the international flair of this event, you are more than welcome to present your traditional costume at this occasion.


Experience the band „Alive“ and celebrate with friends and multi-national community members a great party.


A funfair with rides for young and old will enrich the atmosphere behind the Gillrath Fire department.


The historical event will start with the pickup of the new King Ralf Bönnen and the handover of the traditional King’s Silver on Saturday, 17:00 at the decorated house Karl-Arnold-Strasse 210a.


Saturday night will be the first night to celebrate with the band „Alive“ in the party tent behind the fire department. Of course are all rides of the funfair open for your enjoyment.


The Sunday will start with a community church visit at 11:00, after picking up the new King at his house. A nice get-together at the party tent will commence after the church visit.


Sunday afternoon is dedicated to the King and Queen. The parade will start at 16:00 as every year. The historical marksman club, accompanied by the local musical marching group, will march to the greatly decorated residence of the Kings family, awaiting together with the local community the first official appearance of the Queen.


Harry Übachs and Dirk Beemelmanns will support the King family as their personal adjutant for the next year.


After marching through the village and pickup of the honorable guests, a parade will commence in the Kreisbahnstrasse. In Gillrath, each parade is a special surprise for the King and Queen. A customized parade decoration will “honor” the special hobbies and preferences of the King and Queen during the second march through. Be excited what we prepared this year.


After the parade, the party will continue with music, drinks and food at the party tent.


On Monday morning, the historical Marksman Club will pick up children and teachers of the local school for a combined church service and a breakfast get-together. After the breakfast, coins for the funfair attractions will be sponsored for the kids as every year.


Monday afternoon at 18:00, the St. Blasius Marksman Club, in combination with the St. Peter and Paul Marksman Club from our neighbors in Hatterath and the local musical marching group are preparing for the highlight of the spring season. The Kings dance. Starting at 20:00, the band “Alive” will heat up the honorable audience and set the frame for honoring selected members of the historical Marksman Club.


Everybody is invited to join the Kings dance and guests in the party tent in order to enjoy a nice evening. There will be no entrance fee.


The St. Blasius historical Marksman Club requests to show support by putting up the flags from all community members in front of their homes. This will provide an adequate decoration for the historical event in our village.


We are happy to welcome you on the above happenings and can give you any further information face to face when we meet. Do not hesitate to contact one of our younger members and ask for assistance in case you need.